What if your family got
in the laundry business?

Ours did.

A trip back in time

It all began with our dad, Jim Konides. He further developed our Zero-Trace Solution that he sold to hotels in the commercial industry for over 25 years. After teaching preschool (and being a teacher to each of her 3 kids), our Mom, Nan, became the Blusion Momma and the heart and backbone of the business. She's been through all the company changes with our dad over the years.

After seeing how very little has changed in the commercial laundry, they noticed even less has changed when it comes to laundromats and laundry services so they put their own spin on a new kind of laundry service.

We thought we could do better.

We identified the key issues (and things lacking) in the industry, and created Blusion.
We found every point of distinction could be categorized into the three pillars that make up Blusion Laundry.

Affordable Service
Quality + Consistency
customer care
blusion family

Our family

Growing up, we all swore we would not be in the laundry business. We all took different paths, and we all sooner or later came back to laundry--our mom included.

Even on the worst days where nothing seems to go right, we believe in it. It's a service we actually enjoy providing. All three of us have folded laundry for endless hours (and happily continue to do so :) ), we've all talked to our customers, we've all had hands on interaction with every step of this growth. And we love bringing on employees to share in that experience in order to bring our customers the best service possible.

"Because it never ends!"

I love cleaning. But laundry and doing the dishes are the two things I swear I never feel in control of. Even if your laundry basket is empty right now, the clothes you're wearing will soon kill that happiness. I didn't know Wash Dry Fold services existed until I came to work with my Dad at Blusion. Then I started to hear the difference they made in peoples day, "simple luxury" "treating myself" "so cheap" "one less thing" "helping my wife" "helping my husband". We'd get hand written notes and gifts showing appreciation year after year. To me, I can relate to how wonderful getting your laundry done feels but more importantly I get to HELP CREATE that feeling in someone elses day.

-Allison Konides
Dog named Hoagie, DIY obsessed, fear of driving on bridges, Florida living

"Blusion brings a breath of air"

I like that everyone at Blusion, likes everyone else that's at Blusion. Every employee genuinely cares for us and knows us for them too. I enjoy our employees and our customers. Really though, I enjoy always looking at new angles and ideas to see if there's a better way to deliver a top notch service. But never looking to change something just to be different. Blusion brings opportunity. We provide the opportunity for customers to be as involved or as distant from laundry day as they'd like. Blusion brings a breath of air. When everything is getting more and more demanding and complicated, we're always going to keep things as simple as possible, but do some damn good laundry. Blusion brings solutions.

-Ben Konides
Can spin fire, family always first, downtown ATL

"I look forward to my work"

I look forward to my work with Blusion every day as the company continues to grow and expand creatively. Unexpectedly, it has given me an opportunity to use critical thinking skills in a number of different situations from day-to-day operations to long-term sustainable growth. As a working mom it gives me a lot of flexibility and I like knowing that I'm helping someone else take care of a chore they just don't have the time for. -Emily Smith
Cook extrodanaire, family loving, traffic riding from Duluth

So come join the Blusion Family,
the more the merrier.

orders@blusionlaundry.com | 678-435-9519