Adding Blusion Lockers
adds value to your property. 

Whether it's an apartment complex, office building, campus or hospital---we've got you covered.   Blusion Laundry Lockers are free to the location and we have an array of packages to benefit your location.  Start marketing a unique work/life perk for your tenants today!
Request a location for more info

Let's talk!  No commitment required, we promise!


Reach out and let us know about your property.  One of our installation specialists will reach out and provide more information.

Site Evaluation

We'll evaluate your unique location for installing laundry lockers and address any other questions you may have. 

Easy Install!

Once we confirm property information and confirmation from the property, we'll start the install process.

No Cost Installation

Blusion Laundry lockers cost your property nothing.  Just give us the thumbs up and we'll take it from there.  All we need is a power source and accessible space. 

Indoor or Outdoor Lockers

Our lockers are graded for extreme weather, making our lockers perfect for outdoor use (parking decks, outdoor common areas) or indoors.

Marketing Included

We'll work with your property manager to coordinate distribution of our marketing materials, but we provide it all (web and print).  We know each property is different, so we know each one has a custom marketing approach.