Blusion Wash (349 Decatur St)

Blusion Wash is our Atlanta store that offers a few different services.

Flat-rate Blusion Bag Wash & Fold
Per Pound Wash & Fold
Business Accounts

Our store is where it all started.  We opened in 2012 as an upgraded laundry and have turned it into our Wash & fold center for Atlanta.

​Blusion Bag Wash & Fold

Sign up online or in store, get a reusable Blusion Bag, fill it up and drop it off!

✓ Great for regular users, holds ~25-30lbs
​✓ No hassle payments, one time account setup
​✓ Text pick up notifications

✓ Easy drop off, just drop your bag off and you're all set!  Your bag is pretagged with your contact info and detergent preferences, so you don't need to provide that with each drop off

$24.95 per use

Sign Up
​Per Pound Wash & Fold

Bring your items in, items are weighed and charged per pound, and processed with the same quality as our other services.

✓ Great for large orders or infrequent drop offs
​✓ Pay in store each time, no account setup
​✓ Call pick up notification (text is only for our Blusion Bag users)

$1.05 per pound

$10 minimum

​Business Account Wash & Fold

We work with local businesses to offer a tailored account based on the needs of your company.  Contact us today for more info!

✓ Salons & barber shops

✓ Massage therapists

✓ Spas or nail salons

✓ AirBnB Accounts

Flexible pricing

Store Contact

We're located at the Pencil Factory.  Free parking in garage with back door entrance.

349 Decatur St SE,

Atlanta, GA 30312


Wash Dry Fold Drop Off 

Mon-Fri :  8am-7pm

Sat-Sun: 10am-4pm

Please note the new hours for Sat&Sun.  Since we are no longer offering self-service, we have shortened our weekend hours (Sat/Sun) to be open from 10am-4pm.

*Starting March 13th(Update: due to the corona-virus and health concerns of our employees & customers, we have moved up the end date of our self-service option to Friday March 13th. instead of March 16), we are no longer offering self-service and will only be open for Wash & Fold customers