Blusion laundry


    Affordable wash & fold service with disinfectant laundering & 24/7 accessible laundry lockers.   
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Disenfectant Laundering

Your health is important, especially in light of recent health changes!  While exposed to so much in the work place, let us help protect you.  Our laundry services use high-grade disinfectant agents and rinse in oxidized water to disinfect and clean your items.  Orders are never washed together and the Blusion Bag is washed with every drop off.  

We take our laundry, and your health, seriously.

Easy to use and get started

$24.95 Flat-rate per use with no ongoing fees.  No card information required to get started, simply sign up and you will only be charged on your first order. 

No scheduling, 24/7 locker access

You're busy enough and have long hours. Our lockers are accessible 24/7 in the South Parking Lot at JFK.  Drop off and pick up at any time!

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1. Create a free account to get started & get your Blusion Bag

Online signups will have their Blusion Bags delivered to the locker the following business day.  You'll receive an email/text notification when it is delivered. 

2. Pick up your bag & start your first order---no scheduling required!

Once you get your Blusion Bag, you can drop off right away!  Scan the QR code on your bag tag at the locker to unlock a door and drop off your items.

3.  Finalize your account & pick up your freshly folded laundry!

After your first drop off, you'll need to login into your account to add payment information and finalize your account.  You'll receive an email/text notification when your items are ready for pickup!

Where is the locker?

Blusion lockers are located at JFK Atlantis Hospital (5301 S Congress Ave, Atlantis, FL 33462) in the South Employee Parking Deck on the first floor. 

Location Features

 ☑  24/7 Accessible to employees

 ☑  Weatherproof lockers to withstand outdoor elements

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1.  What are Blusion Laundry Lockers?

Blusion Laundry lockers are 24/7 accessible convenient drop off points for our laundry service.  They are fully automated and weather controlled.  After signing up, customers can access the lockers by using their Bag QR codes and Customer QR codes.  

2.  Do I have to be an employee to use the JFK Atlantis Blusion Lockers?

Yes!  Currently this is considered a private location and accessible to employees at JFK.

3.  How do I pay and when will I be charged?

After you drop off your first order, you'll receive a link to provide your payment information for your account.  Your information is securely  charged and stored.  You will not be charged again until you drop off your Blusion bag again for your next order.

4.  What are Blusion Bags?

Blusion Bags are custom designed to track each order and are washed with every order.  Blusion Bags hold ~25-30lbs and have a flat-rate per use of $24.95.  Customers must use Blusion Bags to drop off, items that are not dropped off in a Blusion Bag will not be processed.