Our Story

We're a family business who cares about the product we provide you, and we've been adapting our services for years to fit the growing and evolving times.  We've worked hard at creating a sustainable approach to our business while still providing quality and affordability to all.

In 2012, commercial laundry expert Jim Konides noticed that commercial laundries were being upgraded, but public laundry services were stuck in the past.

From rundown laundromats, overpriced services, unsafe locations and inconsistent quality, Jim knew it was time to leave commercial laundry and upgrade the laundry experience.  So, in 2012 Blusion Wash was born.  It started as just an upgraded laundromat and turned into Blusion Laundry, our Wash & Fold service.  

It was great!  We were voted Atlanta's #1 Laundry 3 years in a row in Creative Loafing (before the award was removed completely) and named "Flawless Eco-Friendly Laundry Service" by Red Tricycle.

After working hands on with customers for years and seeing what their laundry needs were it came down to three things: Affordable, Quality & Convenience.  We nailed down offering our service at an affordable price while maintaining quality standards, so we worked towards adding convenience.  

That's when our flat-price Blusion Bags & Laundry Lockers were born.

Can you imagine if your family got into the laundry business?

Ours did.

Once Jim & Nan (the Blusion Momma) took the plunge in starting a laundry service and moving to Atlanta from North Carolina,  we (the kids) eventually followed.   We've all gone separate ways, going to college & taking other jobs, but eventually took those talents to work at Blusion.  

Why are you called Blusion?

Blusion is essentially a made up word that allowed us a fresh start.  When we first opened, Jim Konides (our dad), asked everyone what we should be called.  Looking back, there were some pretty ridiculous names.  After weeks of this, Jim came into the room and said "what about Blusion?"  and we all kind of laughed.  But it stuck with us!

It comes from the zero-trace technology company (called Bluox Laundry at the time) that he sold to hotels and other commercial laundries.  As he said "our store is like a fu'sion' of 'Blu'ox technology and a new service"...giving us Blusion Laundry. 

Why not home delivery?

We get this question a lot.  It's not practical or necessarily even convenient!  You had to schedule pick ups/delivery's and wait around, or have your items left on your porch.  Plus, from a sustainable approach it's much worse for the environment.  

Our partners helped us grow our Blusion Family outside of the family

Growing and being able to still provide a quality product is the core of what we want to achieve. So we've partnered with several companies to help achieve those goals.

​Amplio Recruiting provides us with eligible staffing from local and refugee communities. Learn more about Amplio 

Click n Collect Global is a world innovator in automated locker technologies and service.   Learn more about CNC