Why use Blusion?

We understand, most customers start using us to save time & the convenience.  And that's awesome!  But along the way Blusion has adapted it's business model to provide other reasons you can feel good about doing laundry with us. 

Our Zero-Trace Sanitizing Technology
Our convenient service
Family owned & operated

Our clean​ starts with our water

Zero-Trace Sanitizing Solution

Did you know that your home washer can leave behind bacteria, even after hot water & bleach?  Our sanitizing technology uses oxidized water to deodorize and sanitize, not only your clothing, but the washer with each cycle.


We save a significant amount of energy & water by using our zero-trace solution combined with high efficiency machines.  Our detergent is custom made and also eco-friendly...so are our Blusion bags!

and continues into our process

Washable Bags

We  made sure we could wash your bags with ever order to return you the cleanest service, after all your clothes are only as clean as the bag they come back in.  This also eliminates the need for plastic waste!

Never Combine Customer Orders

We promise, we never combine your items with other customers.  Most laundry services do and it's gross.  Plus, with our zero-trace solution, its like you're washing in a brand new washer every time!

​Our convenience starts with our Blusion Bags

Custom designed to hold ~1 week worth of laundry

Flat-rate pricing for ease of use and peace of mind

Easy to carry handles or backpack straps

QR tagged for tracking & dependability

and continues into our laundry lockers for true convenience in drop off & pick up

» 24/7 accessible--never worry about scheduling an order again!

» Automated text notifications

» QR code scanning for drop off & pick up

» Track your orders online--see when your items were picked up, in process, or out for delivery

​Built by laundry goers,
​just for you

Our founders are involved in every day of the Blusion operations and have been since 2012.  So we know who you are, even down to your laundry preferences.  By starting as a walk-in laundry service, our founders were there essentially every day for years and got to learn what our customers really value when it comes to a laundry service.

We started off as a family business and since then have added to our family and partnered with a variety of skilled people to continue to bring you the best service.

Our Story

We love what your clothes represent.

That's why we love being a part of your laundry day.