Our Zero-Trace Solution

We call it our Zero-Trace Solution, because it sanitizes at a deeper level by using ozone (a natural sanitizing agent) in our water with every wash.

What does ozone actually kill?

You'd be surprised what can linger in washers, on your clothes, and in regular tap water.  Even after washing it, it stays within the fabrics and gets redeposited back on your skint through normal wear.  

» Viruses & Bacteria

» Fungi

» E.Coli

» Sulfide

To view a more detailed list of pathogens killed by ozone, click here.

"Ozone machines have been added to public high schools and NFL equipment rooms alike. And as the Times reported, after a Bowdoin College student-athlete contracted a case of MRSA a decade ago, the Maine-based school hasn't had another incident since it started using the ozone unit." Source

*Note that Bowdoin college is using a different ozone company.

"Ozone has a greater disinfection effectiveness against bacteria and viruses compared to chlorination.  In addition, the oxidizing properties can also reduce the concentration of iron, manganese, sulfur and reduce or eliminate taste and odor problems." Source

How it Works

Creating the Ozone

Our custom made ozone generator to energize oxygen (O2) and cause them to split into two separate monatomic (O1) molecules.  They are then combined back with oxygen into ozone (O3). Thus, ozone consists of O2 with a loosely bonded third oxygen atom that is readily available to attach to, and oxidize, other molecules. 

Adding Ozone to Our Water

Since our machines are custom modified, the ozone gets pumped directly into the washer as it fills with water to wash with water and free floating ozone molecules.  Since Ozone has a very short half-life, by the time the cycle finishes the ozone has dissipated.


Since our machines are custom modified, the ozone gets pumped directly into the washer as it fills with water to wash with Ozone Water.

How did it start?

We're not the first people to use ozone in laundry settings, but our founder Jim Konides, was one of the first people in the industry when it started back in the late 90's.

It was sold to commercial laundries, such has hotels, nursing homes,  resorts, and even prisons.  Oxidized water provides a natural sanitizing agent that kills germs at a deeper level, while saving water, chemicals, and energy.  It even saves time & money.

It was green before "green" was cool.  It was a hard sell back in the 90's when people weren't as concerned with saving our natural resources.  Jim thought the public would always appreciate the technology more than the commercial laundries he dealt with. 

Why is it different than other ozone applications?

Ozone is awesome! Reminder, we're talking about the good ozone here, not ground level "bad" ozone.  But it has to be used in high amounts in order to be truly effective in killing germs, bacteria, and diseases.

Most people didn't (and some still don't) use a high level of ozone but still claim the benefits.  Why?  Because it has to be maintained otherwise you run the risk of off-gas and that can be hard to do--ozone isn't exactly a stable gas.

Jim's special modification back in the 90s fixed this problem.  By custom modifying the washers themselves to allow for higher levels (in a safe contained way), laundry reaps all the benefits of ozone.